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  • first, read the horse's ad, watch the videos, look at the photos.

  • click on the link for the horse's race history and breeding. Note if there are gaps in race record.

  • text the number in the horse's ad with your first and last names, introduce yourself, talk a bit about what you're looking for and wanting to do, and pose any questions you have about the horse

  • DO NOT text "interested in Horse X", please follow bullet point above

  • if you'd like to proceed with a Pre Purchase Exam (PPE), please let the person you're communicating with know, you will then call one/both vets to get pricing and timing, and coordinate timing with the seller.

  • most prices are somewhat negotiable, it never hurts to put forth an offer

  • there are no holds of horses without a 15% deposit, please ask about putting a deposit down to hold your horse


  • please have a vet, a farrier, and a trainer references ready.

  • please also be prepared to discuss where the horse would like, his living situation, turnout, feed, etc.


  • payment methods accepted include cash, electronic payments (venmo, zelle or Paypal only), wire transfer or certified check.  No personal checks or credit cards.

  • Most deposits are paid for via venmo, zelle or paypal.

  • Deposits are refundable if you do a PPE and the vet deems the horse unsuited for your stated discipline

  • Final payment of horse is due before horse is picked up.

How To Buy

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