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How to Buy 

The nitty gritty

  • We were named CANTER ILLINOIS from 2000 to 2022. Aletta and Jodi have been doing this since 2012 and helped over 1000 horses transition to their new homes. CANTER Illinois has been active at Fairmount Park since the year 2000.

  • All horses are located at Fairmount Park Race Track (Fanduel Sportsbook and Horse Racing), 9301 Collinsville Road, Collinsville IL 62234

  • All horses are for sale by owner, and the owner sets the sale price. Gateway Off Track Thoroughbreds is here to help you connect with the owner and facilitate the process as well as provide a written bill of sale between you and the horse's owner.

  • All horses listed with GATEWAY OTTBs are racehorses with no other training and are not suitable for beginners or children without additional training unless otherwise stated. No person is allowed to ride any horse on racetrack property without a valid state racing license. GATEWAY OTTBs always recommends a veterinary pre-purchase exam.

First things first

  • first, read the horse's ad, watch the videos, look at the photos.

  • click on the link for the horse's race history and breeding. Note if there are gaps in race record.

  • text the number in the horse's ad with your first and last names, and pose any questions you have

  • if you'd like to proceed with a Pre Purchase Exam (PPE), please let the person you're communicating with know, you'll then call one/both vets to get pricing and timing, and coordinate timing with the seller.

  • most prices are somewhat negotiable, it never hurts to put forth an offer

  • there are no holds of horses without a 15% deposit, please ask about putting a deposit down to hold your horse

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What does an OTTB know

  • your horse will know how to stand for the vet and farrier

  • your horse will know how to walk, trot, canter and gallop

  • your horse will know how to do a flying lead change

  • your horse will be used to hoses and baths

  • your horse will know how to stand to be saddled and bridled

  • your horse will be used to people, commotion, and a routine

  • most racehorses have only had flu/rhino vaccines

  • most racehorses have 4 shoes. it is generally NOT recommended that you pull all 4 (at minimum leave front shoes on) until your horse has been seen by a qualified farrier. their feet typically need quite a bit of work to become "riding horse feet"

  • most racehorses know what a peppermint is and they love them

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What might be new to your OTTB

  • walking, trotting, cantering in a balanced way

  • turnout

  • grass

  • hay on the ground

  • crossties

  • carrots and treats

  • indoor arenas

  • traditional flying lead changes

What your OTTB will need

  • time, love and patience

  • a kind hand, teach them new things slowly and fairly

  • some OTTBs are quite unbalanced and be body sore and you will need to work with your vet, farrier, chiropractor, bodywork person, magnawave etc to help your horse adjust to life off the track

  • your horse will need a properly fitted saddle, please find a professional saddle fitter

  • your horse will need quality farrier services

  • your horse may need significant "let down" time to just be a horse.

  • quality high fat/low fiber feed and plenty of hay, at least 6-9 flakes a day

  • if you're boarding your horse, please pay for extra hay

  • there is about a 90% chance that your horse has gastric ulcers, please treat with Gastroguard or Abler brand omeprazole. Also talk to your vet about sucralfate. 

  • quality turnout time in pasture

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Pre-Purchase Exams (PPE)

If you'd like to do a Pre-Purchase Exam (PPE) please contact these vets. Please tell them what you want done in your PPE and they'll give you a price.


Dr. Don McCrosky



Dr. Olivia Rudophi



Please say "Hi, my name is Susie Sunshine and I would love if we could please schedule a PPE on horse X. He is at Fairmount Park with Trainer Y. I would like flexions/general health/xrays (whatever you want) and was hoping you could please give me a price".


Please schedule timing with both us and the seller.


Going to the Track in Person

Most horses are located at Fairmount Park Race Track (Fanduel Sportsbook and Horse Racing).

9301 Collinsville Rd, Collinsville, IL 62234.

You will need to make an appointment with the seller to view a horse. Please communicate and let them know if you're running late or cannot make it. No Shows are not appreciated.

The track is generally open and busy with training from 6am to 11am most days. The track is very quiet in the afternoon and evenings. 

When you are close to the track, contact the seller so that they know you're 5-10 minutes away. When you get to the track, go to the far left side of the parking lot, you will see travel trailers and a small security building. Please stop there, you will be asked for ID and you will be escorted onto the backside by the seller.

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​1. We have had good luck dealing with Haulers who are members of the National Horse Carriers Association.

2.  If you are on the East Coast, please consider hauling your horse from Illinois to Lexington, and overnighting at a layover barn before going east. Many haulers pick up regularly from Lexington.

List of Haulers:

Big Haulers:

Creech Horse Transport:


Equine Express,, (800) 545-9098

Smaller Haulers:

Hauling Oates:


Stefanie Holcomb: 315-767-4967 (please text first)

Jay Chandler (he mostly hauls to Chicago and Kentucky - where you can have another hauler pick your horse up) 618-407-9780

Omar Razvi 708-446-5236

Clint Coulter (352) 804-8206


​Roz Wilde @ Wilde Horse Transport


MWS Horse Transport

Wild Y Equine Transport

​Tanna Hamar

Bonnie's Happy Tails

Coastal Horse Transport

Gerard's Horse Taxi

​Su Schmerheim @ Class Act Horse Transport

Hilton Hitch


​Philip Osborne (818) 929-5521‬

​Steve Loheac (828) 817-0257‬

​TCA Equines call or text 936-245-4912


​Horses on the Move - Paul Leicht: 314-409-7063

​D&E Horse Transport, LLC: 636-487-1818

Horse Heaven Horse Transportation: 636-584-1871

​Steve and Mary Jane John: 636-629-0286

​Missouri Equine Transportation, Greg Shepard: 314-704-7777


We also recommend - you can put in your route and haulers can bid on it, and you can see their reviews before you commit.

There are also several groups on Facebook for Horse Haulers.

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