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Information for Sellers


We are Gateway OTTBs, previously known as CANTER ILLINOIS. We have been working with the Horsemen and Horsewomen of Fairmount Park Racetrack since 2012. We help you find appropriate and safe homes and 2nd careers for your retiring racehorses, pony horses, and racing prospects.  We are humbled and proud to work for you and thank you for trusting us to help you and your horses.

We take our job seriously and work hard to place your horses in safe homes with reputable buyers. 

There are NO holds of horses without deposits. This protects everyone in the transaction. No exceptions. Failure to comply will void our agreement. 

Please call or text Jodi at 314-288-8787 if you'd like to list your horse with us, we list horses located across North America.

Photography & Videography

A Gateway OTTB representative will come to your barn at the racetrack (or to your farm), to photograph your horse. It is always helpful to have your horse clean, up to date with the farrier, and to have fly spray and mints/treats on-hand.

Taking the best photos can take time, please allow for at least 20 minutes. The photographer may ask you to reposition the horse multiple times, which may test your patience. Please know that the best photos help to sell your horse quickly. 

We will also take video of your horse at both the walk and jog, both directions, several times. Please make sure your horse has been out on a walker prior to their session.

See Photo below for more info. 

Marketing & Networking

We will market and network your sale horse for you, to all appropriate channels, including electronically (social media, email, website) as well as with direct phone calls to our network of buyers.

Buyer Screening, Management & Negotiation

We will correspond with potential buyers on your behalf, acting as your agent. We will pass buyers to you when asked, or when a sale is reaching it's final stages.

We research potential buyers to ensure that your horse is going to an appropriate home. We may ask buyers for vet, farrier and trainer references.

Sales Contract​

We provide you with an electronic bill of sale, signed by both parties. We use Adobe Sign for this, which requires that each party has a smart phone or tablet.  Should you wish to have a paper bill of sale, please let us know.  You may also work with a notary to have your bill of sale notarized. 

Gateway OTTBs lists off-track thoroughbreds (CANTER Ilinois)
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